It’s competition for us to perform well together and not against others: Neelu Vaghela

Neelu Vaghela

If you’ve been watching Star Plus’ Nach Baliye (Frames) this season, you’d definitely recognise Neelu Vaghela better known as Bhabho of Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions’ Diya Aur Baati Hum.

Neelu and her husband Arvind Kumar have managed to impress the judges and the audiences with their outstanding performances on the reality show. However, their journey till the top four hasn’t been an easy one for Neelu who has had to squeeze time out of her busy serial shoot to rehearse for the dance show.

We at contacted Neelu to know about her journey in Nach so far…

“When I was offered the show, I simply took it up because I wanted to spend some time with my husband. Since, I had been too busy shooting for Diya Aur Baati Hum, which had hardly given me any time to be with my family. But the minute we got on the show, it was about learning different dance forms and performing week-after-week. We performed on Rajasthan folk, lavani, Waltz, Govinda dance, Rajnikant style and even neon dance. But, trust me I never knew that I’d be able to dance so well and come so far. Today, when school kids look at me and say that’s Bhabho from Nach Baliye, I feel I’ve achieved something,” admits the actress.

Undoubtedly, Neelu and Arvind are tough competitors for the other three jodis, but who is competitor for them? “We have all been like a family, hence we do not treat anyone as a competitor. But, yes Arvind and I have always looked at this show as one where one partner is supposed to be keeping up with the other. So, week after week, when we get new dance forms, we ask each other ‘toh baliye yeh dance form kar sakte ho?’ and the other person has to try and keep up to the steps of the other. It’s a competition for us to perform well together and not against others,” Neelu observes.

Talking about the best comments that she has received so far from the judges, she avers, “Sajid (Khan) sir calls us the heartbeat of the show, Terence (Lewis) sir says I’ve never missed a beat till date while Shilpa (Shetty) mam says she loves watching our energy. We feel blessed to get so much of love and appreciation from the judges and audiences.”

Furthermore Neelu, who has been juggling between a daily soap and a reality show, goes on to thank her Diya Aur Baati team, “Everybody on the sets of Diya Aur Baati… has been supportive of me. In between, when I had severe pain in my knee due to constant dance performances, they looked after me. They have never cribbed about me taking time out for dance rehearsals. In fact, they have gone out of their way to fit my shooting schedule according to my performances. I feel so blessed and trust me, I do feel like a winner as I have managed to get the love and respect from people around me.”

Lastly, we asked her if she sees herself as a winner and she said, “My fingers are crossed as I am here to win it (smiles).”

We wish you luck Neelu!


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